Ian A. Stuart on troglodytes, teddy bears and “The Pit”

(Originally posted December 2011 at Cinemachine)

A nighttime Halloween party. As children laugh, run and play in their costumes, one child clad in ghost sheets invites another boy and girl to come see the “bag of jewels” he’s found in the nearby forest. We’re shown via flashback that this gullible couple are bullies, and the ghost kid was apparently the target of their cruelty. As the boy bully nears a bag placed precariously next to some sort of ditch, ghost kid sneaks up from behind and gently pushes the tricked bully down the hole and out of sight.

Abruptly, the swelling musical score to this scene cuts off in mid-note and flashing lightning accompanies two shots alternating back and forth: a moving teddy bear with glowing eyes – and a deep hole full of some shifting, hairy…things. The movie’s title is superimposed, fading from yellow to red: THE PIT.

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